Summer Camp

We strive to create camps that truly excel – where young people can enjoy new experience and conquer skills in a nurturing environment. SmartKids multi activity camp offers a unique experience which will benefit every child personally and socially for years to come.

Our Promises to Our Parents

Total Care:

We take our responsibilities very seriously maintaining the highest standards of supervision and care through our dedicated welfare team.

Safety First:

We promise that our premise is completely safe and secure and the staffs are trained to make sure our safety policies are always followed.

The Best Team:

We have the best professionals in our team – the ones who demonstrate patience, enthusiasm, empathy and sincere desire to enhance the lives of the children. Our dedicated team members are committed to make sure all campers are happy, relaxed and feel at home.

Guaranteed Fun:

The SmartKids multi activity camp is about having fun and being part of something special that children can cherish for years to come.


We enroll children from the ages of 2 – 16 year olds.

Multi Activity Playtime:

✦ Rhyme ✦ Story time ✦ Fun with Crayons ✦ Dressing Up ✦ Kiddo Dance ✦ Paper Crafts ✦ Water Play ✦ Hand Writing.

Multi Activity Magic:

✦ Classical / Western Dance ✦ Little Einstein’s discoveries ✦ Sing your tune ✦ Aerobics ✦ Handicrafts ✦ Sketch your thoughts ✦ I can Cook ✦ Karate ✦ Power Yoga ✦ Spelling Buzz.

Multi Activity Mania:

✦ Theatre Acts Drama ✦ Art of Knotting ✦ Super Singers ✦ Pencil Sketching ✦ Freestyle Dance ✦ Junior Chef ✦ Karate ✦ Power Yoga ✦ Aerobics ✦ Hand Writing ✦ Jewellery Making ✦ Spelling Buzz ✦ Painting ✦ Paper Crafts.

Multi Activity Teen Club:

✦ Manage my Money ✦ Make my room – Crash Course on Interior Designing ✦ Make over – Personal Grooming ✦ Freestyle Dancing ✦ Karate ✦ Power Yoga ✦ Aerobics ✦ Hand Writing ✦ Jewellery Making ✦ Spelling Buzz ✦ Painting ✦ Paper Crafts ✦ Master Chef ✦Public Speaking.

Children enjoy up to 5 activity sessions in a day. Campers will enjoy theme days where they can dress up and experience the extra special activities. Every camper will be attending the lifestyle sessions such as Yoga, Meditation and an Introduction to Self Defense.